What your star signal says about YOUR health_

Consultants have revealed how your star signal may provide clues to your well being points.

In response to professionals, sure character traits related along with your zodiac signal may decide your total well-being and health.

And Dr Chun Tang has taken the primary attributes of every signal and defined how behaviours can manifest themselves bodily.

The medical director at Pall Mall instructed FEMAIL: ‘Feelings, behaviours and way of life selections can, and do, impression our well being.’

For instance, anger in its extremities can result in a coronary heart assault because the physique goes into shock mode, whereas for those who’re carefree and lead a wild way of life, you will not be as diligent in selfcare and may very well be ignoring necessary indicators out of your physique.

With this in thoughts, Dr Tang has revealed the various well being points which may very well be related to the completely different star indicators.

Dr Chun Tang, Medical Director at Pall Mall, instructed FEMAIL the completely different indicators of the zodiac may have completely different wellbeing and health associated well being points (inventory picture)


February 20 – March 20

Pisceans are imaginative, compassionate, intuitive, and type. However they’re additionally weak willed and simply lead, in addition to secretive, obscure, escapist and idealistic.

A Columbia research found that being secretive is linked to total decrease wellbeing.

Not solely does a secret stress out a human being, it’s additionally a reminder that they aren’t being real.

Dr Tang mentioned: ‘Responsible emotions imply an individual could wrestle to focus or focus on the job in hand.

‘This may very well be problematic when working complicated equipment or driving.’


March 21 – April 20

Aries are daring and adventurous, carrying an air of confidence and enthusiasm.

Nevertheless, they can be quick-tempered and impulsive, typically taking part in the foolhardy daredevil.

Well being-wise they’re in danger from damage for his or her dare-devilish methods and their fast temperedness may mortgage itself to high-blood strain, which may additionally result in a coronary heart assault.

‘Your probabilities of a coronary heart assault double within the two hours following an indignant outburst,” defined Dr Tang.

‘Anger can even improve threat of stroke, weaken your immune system and make nervousness and despair worse.’

He recommended: ‘Deal with respiratory and rest to keep away from bouts of stress.’


April 21 – Might 21

Affected person and dependable, a Taurus is warm-hearted and has a decided angle. However they can be resentful, jealous, possessive, self-indulgent and grasping.

Dr Tang mentioned: ‘While you’re holding on to resentment it will possibly put your physique into flight or battle mode.

‘This will trigger adjustments is blood strain, coronary heart fee and immune response. When this occurs, you’re rising your probabilities of diabetes, despair and coronary heart illness.’

Taurus ought to attempt to let go of issues, loosen up and meditate, and even go for walks to de-stress.

As well as, Dr Tang means that greed may probably present itself as an consuming dysfunction, which carriers a variety of well being implications.


Might 22 – June 21

Adaptable, witty and energetic, Geminis are additionally mental and eloquent. However they can be nervous and tense.

Their crafty and inconsistent streaks may result in bodily stress.

‘This will then manifest in abdomen points and stress complications,’ explains Dr Tang.

‘And stress can result in trapped nerves which may make life debilitating.

‘Nervousness can result in insomnia, indigestion and chest ache. Making an attempt stress-free workout routines like yoga will assist to maintain the physique supple.’


June 22 – July 22

Cancers are loving, emotional and protecting, they’ve creativeness, and they’re caring and sympathetic.

However they can be changeable and moody, generally overemotional, and unable to let go of issues.

Feelings can manifest themselves as inner ache similar to arthritis, gout and normal irritation.

‘Being moody can decrease the immune system too, however once you’re down your mind units off opioids to try to fight this,’ explains Dr Tang.

‘These opioids can weaken immune techniques, making you extra susceptible to getting ailing. Raise your temper by getting exterior, exercising and smiling.’


July 23 – August 21

Leos are beneficiant and warm-hearted. They’re additionally trustworthy, loving and stuffed with sheer enthusiasm placing their coronary heart and soul into all they do.

Nevertheless, they can be bossy and interfering, and have traits of intolerance, which will be exhibited each mentally and bodily.

Dr Tang mentioned: ‘A bloody-minded angle may result in stress, and it may additionally result in Leos experiencing intolerances to sure meals.

‘Their pompousness and stubbornness can eat away at them inflicting abdomen upset and maybe irritable bowel syndrome.’

These born beneath the star of the lion could undergo from neck ache, again ache and customarily different aches.

Dr Tang recommended: ‘Follow tolerance, endurance and understanding of others, study to be a group participant, take up group workout routines like strolling golf equipment and share wholesome meal plans.’


August 22 – September 23

Virgos are modest and shy, sensible and diligent, however that may additionally sway them to being overtly fussy and serial worriers.

These character flaws could make Virgos tense and bothersome, influencing their well being as they’re prone to undergo from insomnia.

An absence of high quality sleep impacts the physique in a number of methods from a weakened immune system to stress complications.

‘Persistent sleep deprivation can improve the chance of diabetes, blood strain, coronary heart failure and stroke,’ defined the Pall Mall physician.

‘Keep away from these dangers by consuming a nutritious diet, indulging in calming actions, consuming chamomile tea and going for lengthy walks to clear the pinnacle.’


September 24 – October 23

Nicely-balanced, courteous, simple going and sociable, Libras love peace, despite the fact that their quest for calm can generally make them indecisive, changeable, and gullible.

Libras additionally tend for self-indulgence which will be dangerous if it’s an excessive amount of of a superb factor.

Dr Tang warned: ‘Over-indulgence with alcohol, for instance, will be damaging to the liver and kidneys.’

He added: ‘Being changeable may trigger digestive issues and abdomen points in case your temper fluctuates.

‘Probiotics may also help with digestive points. Hearken to your intestine and ensure to maintain it wholesome by consuming properly, exercising and staying completely satisfied.’


October 24 – November 22

Scorpios are described as decided, highly effective, passionate and forceful, however they can be jealous, obsessive and compulsive.

Each obsession and compulsion can manifest in unhealthy methods, similar to taking train to extremes or weight-reduction plan an excessive amount of.

These can have each bodily and psychological repercussions on an individual’s well being and wellbeing.

Dr Tang mentioned: ‘You may have panic assaults for those who do one thing unhealthy and punish your self.

‘Fight this with good sleep and train and making wholesome way of life adjustments.

‘Cognitive behavioural remedy, which is all about problem-solving and placing your thoughts relaxed, can even assist.’


Nov 23 – Dec 22

Sagittarians are usually very completely satisfied and optimistic, making them a enjoyable and constructive signal to be round.

However they’re additionally tactless, stressed and irresponsible – so you possibly can say accident susceptible and clumsy at occasions.

‘Maintaining a tally of your posture and spinal wire is perhaps a good suggestion for a Sagittarius given their character traits,’ in line with Dr Tang.

‘Anybody who tends to throw themselves into dare-devil actions will probably be extra susceptible to having accidents.

‘Attempt to preserve an air of sensibility, follow good posture and take the appropriate complement like vitamin D for bone power.’


December 23 – January 20

Capricorns are prudent, sensible, affected person and caring and so they have a superb sense of humour.

But they are often fairly stingy, bear grudges and be pessimistic at occasions in addition to despondent.

The Pall Mall physician mentioned: ‘Despondency isn’t good for psychological well being and well-being.

‘Being disheartened, leaving issues unfinished or not caring about sure points or tasks will be damaging mentally and bodily.

‘Despondent persons are much less prone to search medical consideration if they’ve one thing troublesome happening with their well being.

‘If it’s one thing severe like an unchecked lump or mole, the results may show devastating. Don’t be the despondent Capricorn, get issues checked out.’


January 21 to February 19

Pleasant, trustworthy, loyal, unbiased, and authentic, however the darker aspect of an Aquarius can make them be perverse and unpredictable in addition to unemotional and indifferent.

Dr Tang defined: ‘The will to behave in an unreasonable or unacceptable method can result in bodily points attributable to an extreme way of life or carelessness relating to self-love and self-worth.

‘Going in opposition to the grain can hurt an individual bodily. Their way of life selections may imply they don’t care for themselves as they need to.

‘Being indifferent can even result in a sense of loneliness and an unwillingness to share issues, affecting social and emotional well-being.’